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Entire Exteriors provides high quality flooring & carpeting installation.

 The Entire Exteriors team specifically searched for products that meet our criteria in both quality and pricing. Which is why Beauflor was a natural fit for us.

Whether you are looking for a base laminate flooring, a roll vinyl floor or a top of the line vinyl click or glue down product we have the selection to give you the look you desire with the price to meet your budget needs. Call today and schedule a time to meet with Corey to learn more about the products we offer.

Entire Exteriors is proud to provide high quality flooring products. As one of many flax farmers in the area, De Clerck faced great competition and needed to add new value to an oversaturated market. He devised a way to use the flax harvested not as an agricultural item, but as an upholstery product.

Over time, this upholstery evolved beyond just natural products and expanded into plastic and polypropylene granules that De Clerck produced himself. B.I.G. today continues to produce these granules, along with fibers, yarns, carpets and the vinyl flooring products manufactured by Beauflor®.

2021 UPDATE: Boardwalk series have been discontinued. Exciting Luxury & Crafted vinyl roll flooring and new line of Crafted Plank & Tiles now available. Contact Entire Exteriors today for your flooring project today!

When it comes to carpeting Stainmaster is a name that stands out above the rest. That is why Entire Exteriors was confident in choosing Stainmaster as the line of carpeting that offer. Whether you are searching for a Pet Protect to guard against the messes that come from your furriest family members, a Live Well known to help fight against dusts and allergens in the home, or the softest line yet the TruSoft created with nothing but comfort in mind we are certain you will find the perfect carpet to kick your shoes off to at the end of a long day.



Contact Entire Exteriors today for your new floors and carpet!